Saturday, April 18, 2015

Absolutely Nothing Gets Settled In QB Duel at Blue-Gold Game

All the focus on the offseason for Notre Dame has been who would be the starter at quarterback for the 2015 season. We have Everett Golson who in spite of all the turnover problems has shown ability to make big throws with the game on the line. Then we have Malik Zaire who sat most of the year but started the Music City Bowl against LSU and was named MVP. However, Golson also played a big role in that game too.

So the idea of who would be the quarterback is really up in the air. In past years Coach Kelly has said that, but we all knew who it would be. This year we really don't know. And nobody expected to think we would know that after the annual spring game but that maybe we would have a better idea.

But that would not be the case at all as each quarterback really looked good in the first half. For what it is worth, Golson started. I am not even going to get into their stats because it is a practice game and being that both guys had big plays called back due to penalties, and that the only interception came on a gimmick fan called play "The Inebriated Irishman," the stats really give a skewed picture.

What you can say is that both QBs opened up with touchdown drives. Golson had one running and Zaire had a toss to Justin, I like to date porn stars, Brent. Kelly really had Golson work more on the option and Zaire on throwing. Zaire also had a great throw on a long bomb to Will Fuller. Golson had some really nice runs along with Tarean Folston and CJ Proiese.

Really nothing was close to being settled because both were good. I am thinking right now I can make a case for both. Of course, Golson could still use the transfer option and that makes it easy.

If I am making a case for Golson it is this. Yes he had a turnover problem but many were due to poor line play and he really seems to have corrected it and has had a great spring. The line also looks better. This is also a guy that led the Irish to an undefeated regular season in 2012 as a freshman. It is his Senior year and he is determined to leave his mark at Notre Dame.

But I can make an equally good case for Zaire. Yes, he is a little inconsistent throwing but that will improve with experience. Also, it doesn't really seem to matter if he makes a bad throw because he will get it back with a great run on the next play. Plus, he can be the QB for the next 3 seasons and that is huge as well.

Tough decision for Coach Kelly, I am glad I don't have to make it.

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