Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Advice For Marqise Lee

Lost in all the hype about Lane Kiffin getting fired was the fact that All American receiver Marqise Lee suffered a really bad knee injury in the loss to Arizona State. I watched that game and the way he came down on it looked really bad. It is looking like Lee will miss the game this week against Arizona. His status for Notre Dame and beyond is unclear.

Although he is a Trojan, I do respect him as a player because he is one of the most exciting players in the country. He literally has millions of dollars and an NFL contract waiting for him. That is why he really needs to think long and hard if continuing to play for USC is in his best interests. I understand the competitor in an athlete wants to be out there on the field. But this is his last year at USC in all likelihood and the team is quite frankly not very good.

So based on that, if I were him I would seriously consider shutting it down this season. I know that a football player wants to be there for his teammates, but I really think they would understand here. He is risking way too much by playing. He has given USC all he has and he owes them nothing.

Another player who has had injury problems but apparently is going to play this Thursday is Silas Redd. He is also risking a lot and should consider just taking a medical redshirt. And no I am not saying this because they are playing Notre Dame in two weeks. I would prefer to beat them at their best. But Lee and Redd really need to think about what is best for their own future's. Is playing for a team that is going nowhere and will be lucky to get any bowl this year, in their best interests? Anybody with any sense will scratch their head on this one.

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