Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just One Day Before the Biggest Game Since 1988

There is really not much more to write or say. In just 24 hours, we will have the biggest game in 25 years. Notre Dame and Alabama are arguably the two biggest names in the history of college football. They have 18 National Championships between them. This will be the highest rated BCS Championship of all time.

It is really no secret what will be the X-factor and that will be Everett Golson. Notre Dame's front and Alabama's line will be a battle that both sides will likely have wins and losses. Therefore, how Golson performs leading that offense is what will make the difference.

It is really hard to say how this will go. For Alabama, the pressure is on them. They are already the champs and are defending their crown. For Notre Dame, it has already been a great season and the future looks bright regardless of the outcome.

One thing I have noticed from Alabama is a bit of arrogance and underestimating the Irish. That could cost them. I love the fact that Notre Dame is staying at a family resort a few miles away and the Crimson Tide are at a hotel that has one of the hottest clubs in town. That could make a difference.

In closing, I just want to say that this has been the most fun year in a long time to watch no matter what happens tomorrow night. It is a great time to be an Irish fan.

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