Thursday, January 10, 2013

To Irish Fans: Don't Be Mad at Coach Kelly

Two days after the Fighting Irish got blown out to Alabama, Brian Kelly interviewed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Of course, Irish fans are feeling shocked and betrayed. Neither feeling should be happening.

This should not be a shock to anyone considering what happened with his previous two jobs. First he left Central Michigan after they had won the MAC and then he left Cincinnati. In both cases he left for a better job. Based on the fact that he did that before, is it really a shock that he would do it now?

I understand wanting to keep Coach Kelly and I hope as much as anybody that he does stay. However, I will not hold it against him if he leaves for the NFL. Players leave for the NFL and some do it before their eligibility is up. Golden Tate and Kyle Rudolph are a couple of examples. Fans were sorry to see them go, but understood that it was the best decision for their future. So we wished them well.

Why should it be any different for coaches? Going from college to the NFL is a step up and who could honestly blame him? One rule I live by is to never critique people for doing the same thing I would do in that situation.

I put myself in his position and here is what I am thinking. "I got a great job here. An NFL team wants to talk to me. I am not sure if I want to go to the NFL or not, but there is no harm in hearing what they have to say."

Be honest with yourselves, how many of you have ever got an interview for a job that you weren't sure you wanted but just went to hear what the job was and what it offered. I have and I actually plan to do that next week. There is nothing wrong with that. It is called keeping your options open. It in no way makes the commitment of where are any less.

That is what I am guessing is happening here. The reason is that he stopped on his way for vacation for the interview. If it was something he really wanted, he would not do it like that. The Eagles have many candidates they want to interview this week including Lovie Smith. If Kelly was really the guy they wanted, they would not have let him out of the building.

I know how important Coach Kelly is and the fear of losing him can cause anxiety. But don't be mad at Coach Kelly. He didn't do anything wrong.

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