Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Notre Dame Fans Should Expect and Hope For More Scares In Future Years

The Philadelphia Eagles have hired the other Coach Kelly from Oregon a few days after Brian Kelly announced he was going to stay at Notre Dame. I always find it funny when fans make it sound like a coach is somehow disloyal by doing what anybody in any other profession does. That is talk to those who want to offer you a job and see what they have to offer. It doesn't mean you not committed to the job you are at, you are just keeping your options open.

The fact that our coach Kelly talked to the Eagles should surprise nobody considering that is how he advanced in his career. There is nothing wrong with it and we didn't mind when he bolted Cincinnati. There is a reason teams want to interview him. HE IS REALLY GOOD. When you have someone really good it is only natural that someone else will want him. That is how it is in any business.

I hope and expect that he gets more NFL interviews next season. The reason why is that I hope and expect to keep winning. As long as Notre Dame keeps winning, the NFL and even other college teams will keep wanting him. That is the reality. Just ask Les Miles and Nick Saban. It is up to Notre Dame to take care of their man to keep him in South Bend.

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