Monday, November 4, 2013

Notre Dame Up To #23 With BCS Hopes Alive and Well

With their shoot out win over Navy, Notre Dame climbed two spaces to #23 in the latest BCS poll. With three games left, it means that the Fighting Irish still can make a BCS Bowl but they have to win out and they need teams in front of them to lose. That will happen because many teams in front of Notre Dame will play each other.

It starts this Thursday with a couple of big games. #3 Oregon and #5 Stanford play. That means one of them will lose. They probably won't fall enough but Notre Dame does play Stanford at  the end of the year. But being brutally honest, if Stanford beats Oregon I don't see how Notre Dame can beat them.

Another big game on Thursday is  #10 Oklahoma at #6 Baylor. The greatest value to us is that one has to lose, but if Oklahoma can win it does make us look better.

There is only one other top 25 match up but it is a big one. #1 Alabama hosts #13 LSU. Now Alabama will not fall anywhere near enough with a loss. But LSU just might with a blowout loss since that will be three losses.

Hopefully, somewhere along the way somebody knocks off Central Florida and Fresno. Arizona State was ranked one spot ahead of us which is strange since we beat them. But that is not a huge concern because they have a late season match up with #19 UCLA. Again the greatest value to us is that somebody has to lose.

Having said all of this, none of it matters if the Irish don't take care of their business. It starts this week with Pittsburgh whom we know always comes ready for Notre Dame regardless of their record.

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