Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Notre Dame Fans Need a Reality Check

Whenever a team suffers a disappointing loss, knee jerk reactions from fans always come. Following the loss to Pittsburgh. We hear them all. Of course a good share of them go toward Tommy Rees. Many hint that they can't wait until Golson comes back. I will be the first to admit that the offense can do way more with him than it can with Rees, but I will not forget that Golson had his moments as Rees has this year. The difference is that Golson had Rees to bail him out in those games. That is not the case this year. There is nobody behind Rees.

The fact is that Rees was probably never figured to be the starter by the coaches when he was recruited. Guys like Dayne Crist, Andrew Hendrix, and Golson all had more talent. But Rees outperformed all of them consistently. Don't be mad at him for that. Golson did have the job last year and Rees was his backup, but this year Golson messed up and we had to go with the backup.

Another common comment I hear is that this is the most frustrating season ever for a Notre Dame fan. I say Wow! You must have a short memory if you don't remember the Weis and Clausen years. Here we had a coach flashing his Super Bowl rings and a young man showing up in a hummer promising 4 National Titles. That of course was after he made his announcement at the NFL Hall of Fame. The farthest they went is the Hawaii Bowl.

To compare this year to that is ridiculous. I predicted 8-4 at the start. We lost way too many guys. Manti Te'o, Tyler Eifert, Kapron Lewis Moore, Zeke Motta, Theo Riddick, Cierre Wood, and Danny Spond are all gone. And we have played this whole season with our backup quarterback. What did we really expect? I predicted 8-4 and that is looking like what we will get.

We will end up with a decent bowl. Don't get me wrong I am still disappointed with the Pitt loss, but to compare this season with others in recent years is ridiculous.

I have faith that Coach Kelly will have them back next year.

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