Monday, November 19, 2012

Does The SEC Really Have the Nerve to Criticize Notre Dame's Schedule?

It is normally not my style to write about potential opponents when there is another game to worry about. Being that Notre Dame's next opponent is USC, that is even more out of character.  However, SEC fans are really running their mouths about Notre Dame being #1. They say that all SEC teams that are currently ranked in the BCS top ten would be favored by 10 over the Irish.

They say that the Irish haven't played a tough schedule. Excuse me but Oklahoma and Stanford are really tough teams. Also, teams like Michigan, Michigan State, Miami,  BYU, Pittsburgh, Boston College, and Wake Forest. Those are all legitimate programs from BCS conferences. Even Navy has been tough in recent years. It is not Notre Dame's fault they were having a bit of a down year. So you can't fault them for something they have no control over.

Looking at the SEC however. They like to put themselves up on a level that they think nobody is at. They also seem to think college football revolves around their conference. They do have five straight titles and I will give them credit for that. However, looking at the way they get there is disturbing. I have no problem with scheduling an FCS team the first week or even the second week as a bit of a tune up game. But those match ups should not be happening in November.

Right now the top SEC teams are Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Texas A + M, and South Carolina. Of those teams only LSU played a conference opponent last weekend. Here are the opponents for the rest of them, Western Carolina, Georgia Southern, Jacksonville State, Sam Houston, and Wofford. For Florida it was actually two weeks in a row that they had an FCS opponent as the week before they played Lousiana-Lafayette. That is just pathetic for a conference that claims to be better than everyone else.

The thing I find funny is that Alabama looked unbeatable to the SEC but it was Texas A + M who beat them and they are still considered a Big 12 team by some. I would laugh if Florida State beat Florida and Clemson beat South Carolina this weekend. That would show the country that there is more to college football than just the SEC.

As much as I dislike USC, they are undefeated against the SEC this century. Finally, I find it ironic that Florida can barely beat two FCS teams and then be ranked #4. Yet everybody gets all over Notre Dame for barely beating Pittsburgh.

All I can say to the SEC fans is either schedule some real opponents in November or shut your mouths about Notre Dame!!!

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