Thursday, September 25, 2014

Notre Dame Set to Officially Begin Its ACC Agreement With Syracuse

When this blog was created two years ago, it was right after the announcement that Notre Dame had struck the agreement with the ACC. It was all about the new direction Notre Dame would take in all of it's great history, hence "The New Notre Dame."

So first on the schedule is another team that is still new to the ACC. Syracuse is only in it's second season in the ACC. The game is another neutral field game at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. It is sort of like Syracuse's version of the Shamrock Series.

To tell you the truth, a team like Syracuse almost scares me more than a Stanford or a Florida State. The reason being that when we face those tougher schools, we know we are in for a fight. But The Orange are a different animal. They began the year by needed overtime to beat an FCS team in Villanova. After a bye, they blew out Central Michigan who had blown out Purdue the week before. Then just last week they got manhandled by Maryland from the Big Ten. That tells me that they are inconsistent and we don't really know what to expect. But much like it was for Purdue in Indianapolis, this is probably their Bowl game.

Watching Syracuse last week, I noticed a couple of things about them. their secondary looked slow and that is something that Everett Golson and our receivers can exploit. Also their quarterback is an Everett Golson wanna be. Terrell Hunt has only thrown for one touchdown so far, but he has rushed for five. He is decent but he is no Golson. The defense just needs to bring it and have one spy for him. I don't think he can complete passes under duress like Golson does.

Notre Dame should not have too much trouble with this one if they come ready to play.

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