Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shamrock Series: A New But Great Tradition

One thing Notre Dame fans take a lot of pride in is their traditions. Anything from the Play Like A Champion Today sign to all the traditional rivals the Irish play. There is so much history involved with all these traditions.

But one tradition that I personally love is the Shamrock Series which is only a few years old. Every year Notre Dame moves a home game away from South Bend and plays in a professional stadium. This tradition started on Halloween night 2009 in San Antonio, Texas at the Alamo Dome. In that game, the Fighting Irish crushed Washington State 40-14. The following year, this new tradition relived an old one by having the Irish play Army at Yankee Stadium. Since that time, Notre Dame has been to NFL stadiums Fed Ex Field, Soldier Field, and AT & T Stadium. That streak will continue this Saturday as the Irish will stay in state and go to Lucas Oil Stadium.

There are a couple of things that are really cool about this new tradition. It is a chance for the Irish players to play on a bigger stage than they are used to. It also gives the program a chance to showcase Notre Dame in other parts of the country. It is great for recruiting.

The other thing that is cool about this game is the uniforms that come out each year for it. Some of the old school traditionalists don't like it but the new aged fans do.
Notre Dame is undefeated in this game and has only been close against Arizona State. All other times, the Irish have dominated. This year is expected to be the same as a clearly inferior Purdue team who couldn't even beat Coach Kelly's old team (Central Michigan) will meet the Irish in Indianapolis.

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