Friday, September 19, 2014

Why I Hate The New Playoff System

Okay, so yes this is a piece for a bye week. But the new playoff system is a joke. For anybody to suggest that it is better than what we had is just silly. Where do I start?

How about with the panel? All I hear is about how great it will be to no longer have computers involved in the selection process. Humans have eyeballs and can see what happens on the field. That is a valid argument, but the problems with humans is that they also have bias which affects their objectivity. What is more objective and unbiased than a computer?

But beyond that, the problem is that it is not being decided on the field but chosen by a committee. I am okay with a Final Four, but why can't they use what was already there to determine it?

The old system had four major bowls. The Rose Bowl was Big Ten vs. PAC 12, The Sugar Bowl was SEC vs. at large or Notre Dame, The Orange Bowl was ACC vs. at large usually from the Big East aka AAC, and the Fiesta Bowl was Big 12 vs. at large or Notre Dame. Why can't they keep that system and the winners are your final four?

The other thing I really hate is the new system is totally unfair to Notre Dame. I keep hearing that the committee will be emphasizing Conference Champions when determining the four teams. That means Notre Dame will likely get left out if they lose even one game and we all know how difficult their schedule is every year.

Under the system I propose above, they can make the standards for Notre Dame very clear. If they win 10 games they are an automatic bid. If they win 9, they are eligible for an at large selection. What is so hard about that?

My biggest fear with it though is that I think it will be so SEC biased. ESPN owns the new SEC Network and this playoff is on ESPN. There is the motivation for the system to grant two SEC teams in. ESPN is biased toward Notre Dame. Do you think they would be if they had a contract for Notre Dame?

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