Monday, November 10, 2014

Coach Kelly Is Wrong, But He Did The Right Thing

In his post game press conference, Coach Brian Kelly pretty much put the Arizona State loss all on Everett Golson. I have already stated that I don't believe any of the 5 turnovers were on Golson at all, but more due to poor offensive play. I stand by that.

Coach Kelly knows that. He saw the game. He also knows that Golson was the driving force in bringing the team back to come within 3. But Kelly had a good reason to go off on that rant. To be a respected quarterback, you sometimes have to take it in the chin even when it isn't really your fault. The players know it is not your fault and will rally around you and go out of their way to make sure they make that block or hang onto that ball next time. My guess would be that that is a lesson he is trying to teach Golson.

This is a big week for the coaches this week. The playoffs are gone. Notre Dame can still play in a really good bowl game. Northwestern is not exactly an opponent to get excited about. That is where it takes a great coach to bring this team together in what can still be a great season.

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