Tuesday, December 2, 2014

There Is a Bigger Problem With Everett Golson Than The Turnovers

Looking at the most frustrating end to a season that I can possibly remember, it is never just one thing that causes a team to just collapse the way Notre Dame did. But the aspect that got the most attention was the play of Everett Golson. The focus on it was his 22 turnovers. That is certainly a huge concern that he didn't anywhere near that two years agree as a freshman.

That is something that he has to clean up but honestly the quarterback position is the most turnover position in all of sports. Looking at Golson's season as a whole, I think there is an even bigger problem with him than the turnovers. Coach Kelly was asked early in the season about the difference between him before and now. Kelly said that two years ago Golson was riding the bus and now he is driving it.

Well I think Golson was definitely given the keys to the bus, but I am not sure if he ever took the wheel. He looked amazing at times with all the plays he could make. He made throws that Tommy Rees couldn't even think about. But Rees was in control of his offense.

Looking at last year's team, even though Rees was limited in skill and also turned it over a lot, you never had a doubt watching who the leader was. Two years ago, Golson wasn't asked to be a leader and you could easily tell that Manti Te'o was the leader.

This year though, I never saw much in terms of leadership from Golson. He is a natural athlete but you can tell he is not much for pumping up his team. In the Past, Rees and Te'o would show leadership on the field and even on the sideline when the other units were out there. I don't remember seeing Golson once on the sideline pumping up the defense or anybody on the team.

Now I am not in the camp of benching him. Malik Zaire was decent in relief but it was in a situation where the game was well out of reach early. He had the starting unit and was against the Trojans backups. With all the sanctions, some of them might not even have been on scholarship. So I think the kid was ok, but I am not going to bust out the anointing oil just yet.

Kelly said that he is unsure who the starter will be going forward. Looking at next year's schedule, it gets no easier at the start. They open with an upstart Texas followed by two tough ACC teams in Virginia and Georgia Tech. It almost seems logical to go with Golson for those three games and see where he is at that point. After that it gets a little easier with UMass. That may be the time to make the change if deemed appropriate.

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