Monday, December 31, 2012

USC Can Get Some Redemption in Sun Bowl

For Notre Dame fans, nothing is sweeter than being able to play for a championship but first for icing an appetizer, USC will be playing later today in the Sun Bowl against a 6-7 team in Georgia Tech. For a team that was ranked the preseason #1, this just might be the biggest disappointment ever. Irish fans are loving this icing on the cake.

How the Trojans will perform in this game will be interesting to see. Of course they are disappointed for being there and even more so that Matt Barkley is still hurt and can't play. They just might lose to an average ACC team. That would be beyond pathetic. While Irish fans would love to see that happen, if USC performs like they are capable of it will be a long day in El Paso for the Yellow Jackets.

To be honest, it might actually be a good thing for USC that Barkley isn't playing. Regardless of how he would have performed, he is gone. By playing a redshirt freshman, it actually provides the Trojans a point in playing this game. He will be the quarterback next year and a strong performance in a bowl game will give him confidence and the team will have confidence in him.

While Irish fans would love to see the Trojans have yet another disappointing loss, the reality is that it is still a great offense that Georgia Tech will have a hard time defending. It will probably be a small redemption for USC, but it still will be considered a disaster of a season. The only bad thing is that that could make them dangerous next year. That is why a strong performance for them is so important.

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