Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quarterback Situation is a Positive Thing

With all the excitement of the 5-0 start and one of the most dominant defenses in all the land, there are still those who say that Notre Dame has a quarterback controversy. The way I see it is that they have a redshirt freshman, Everett Golson, who has incredible ability but is still developing. To help out the Fighting Irish have possibly the best backup quarterback in all of college football.

That is somehow supposed to be a problem. I am not sure how that works. I get the whole point that if you have two quarterbacks, you have none. However, that only applies when you have two guys who are fighting to be the starter. I am not saying Rees doesn't want to be the starter, but I think he and everyone on the team know what his role is.

Against Miami, Golson showed why he is the one the coaches are all excited about. Against Michigan, he showed why having Rees is important. It was a smart move by Head Coach Brian Kelly to start Rees for one series against the Hurricanes. That possibly lit a fire under Golson.

NBC Sports Mike Mayock made an interesting observation when he said that Golson is better when it all breaks down and he has to react. Come to think of it, he performed well against attacking defenses of Purdue and Michigan State. However, it was against Michigan when he struggled. They looked like they sat back a little and made him read the defense.

That is something he has to learn but it is good to have Rees if needed. However, it would be nice to need him less as the season progresses. That would show development of Golson.

As for Rees, he is in a tough spot in some ways. There is no doubt he wants to play. He has to prepare every week like he is going to play. Although he won't know when that is if at all. That is a tough place to be in, but he can't underestimate the importance of his role.

His coaches and teammates don't.

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