Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Will Brady Quinn Finally get his Chance in the NFL?

After leading the Fighting Irish to back to back BCS bowls, Notre Dame fans everywhere thought that Brady Quinn would be destined for NFL stardom. Then when he was drafted by his childhood team The Cleveland Browns, it seemed like a dream scenario.

That dream quickly turned into a nightmare for the former Irish star. He had the infamous holdout which cost him any chance of competing for the starting job. Then he watched Derek Anderson have possibly the biggest fluke season ever. That set Quinn back even further and it wasn't until Anderson proved what a fluke he was before Quinn got his first chance halfway through the year.

He played well in his first two starts, but suffered a broken hand. That affected his performance in the third game and then he was lost for the year. At the end of the year, his coach Romeo Crennel (who had already named Quinn the starter) was fired.

Eric Mangini came in and constantly went back and forth between Quinn and Anderson. All that did was prepare neither of them properly. It also didn't help to trade away their best weapons in Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards.

Then Quinn was traded in the off season to Denver where he would go in as the back up to Kyle Orton, but would be groomed to be the starter. That was the plan for about a month and a half until Tim Tebow was drafted. At that point, Quinn would never get a fair chance regardless of how much he outperformed Tebow. All Denver did was waste two years of his career.

Now here he is in Kansas City. He had a good enough pre season to win the backup job. Starter Matt Cassel, who has struggled this year (103-176 58% for 1150 yards, only five touchdowns and nine interceptions, QB rating of 66.2) went down with a head injury.

Quinn came in and went 3-3 for 32 yards. He also had touchdown pass, but it was called back unfortunately. While I am not rooting for Cassel to be hurt or to fail, I would love to see Quinn finally get the chance he has waited so long for.

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