Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There Is Something Different About Tommy Rees

With the success of Notre Dame this year, there are so many upperclassmen such as Cierre Wood, Tyler Eifert, Manti Te'o, Prince Shembo, etc. who you have to feel good for. They have all been there for previous struggles and have to be happy with this year.

Probably the player I feel best for though is Tommy Rees. That may sound strange being that he is now the backup to freshman sensation Everett Golson. However, Rees has made an enormous contribution to the team's success. He has come in an led the team to victories against Purdue, Michigan, and Stanford.

Watching him this year compared to last, he just seems different. Last year, fans had to hold their breath every time he dropped back wondering if the next throw would be picked off or if he would fumble. Although Notre Dame did win consistently with Rees, he was a turnover machine his first two years. This year he has yet to turn it over.

Although Golson is the guy with all the talent and the future, he is still a work in progress. Therefore, it is nice to have a guy like Rees who Coach Brian Kelly can depend on when needed. Looking at Notre Dame's remaining schedule, it is predictable when Rees will be needed again. He won't be needed this week, but he will be against Oklahoma. Then he won't be needed again until USC and then again in the bowl game.

This situation is healthy for the team and I think it actually helps in the development of Golson. Rees is the best back up quarterback in college football.

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