Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Tough One to Predict

The thing I have always loved and will miss about the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry is that you generally have two powers both with National Championship aspirations. The result is a huge boost for the winner and a big early setback for the loser. This year is no exception.

Going into this game, I always have an idea who I think will win. But this year it is really a hard one to call. Both teams handled their week one opponents quite easily, but it is hard to say who is better between Central Michigan and Temple. Overall, Michigan was more impressive but Notre Dame looked like they were experimenting more with different players, especially at tailback.

Looking at the Quarterbacks, Tommy Rees was sharper and unlike Devin Gardner, he did not turn the ball over. However, we all know that Gardner adds a running dimension that Rees cannot.

Defensively, Michigan was more impressive. However, there is not a Notre Dame fan who believes that the Irish defense played anywhere near a level they are capable of. The Wolverine defense is also younger and less experienced.

Both teams had their share of mistakes. Michigan had lots of penalties and turnovers while Notre Dame had many special team errors including missed field goals.

So at the end of the day, there really is not enough information after one game to make a good prediction. I guess we just have to watch.

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