Monday, September 30, 2013

Tommy Rees Doesn't Deserve Nasty Tweets

Over the years, I have been proud of my Notre Dame allegiances through the 3-9 season to the magic of last season. Through the good times and bad, I have never been embarrassed to call myself a Domer. That is until I saw these tweets from other Irish fans.This is just uncalled for and really shows a lack of understanding of what Notre Dame and football are all about. Another fan petitioned Obama to bench Rees. Why anybody would want to involve that communist garbage is beyond me.

Here is a young man who has sacrificed so much and done way more for Notre Dame than any of those tweeters combined. He was a huge part of last year's run. Is he the best quarterback in the country? No, but he is the best we have and really the only option at this point. Andrew Hendrix has proven to be nothing more than a gimmick package guy and wasting a year of eligibility on Malik Zaire would be crazy.

He may not be great and maybe he is a backup. But he is the best backup we have with starter Everett Golson suspended.

The fact is that to blame one guy for a loss is just wrong. He did throw 3 interceptions. The first was not on him as a fierce rush and hit knocked the ball into a defenders hands for a pick six. The second one can be debated as to whose fault it was. It was a tipped pass but thrown into traffic. The third was on him as he threw into triple coverage.

But with all that, the defense can still go out there and shut it down like they did last year on several occasions when Golson made a mistake. If you watch the game film, you will see that Rees was under pressure all day.

Football is about blocking and tackling. They did both well last year but have struggled this year. Blaming Rees just shows a lack of knowledge of this.

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