Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Running Game Needs To Contribute More

I know the other teams are stacking the box and forcing Tommy Rees to beat them. But for the leading rusher to be Cam McDaniel with 165 yards. That is bad because McDaniel was never meant to be the featured runner. He is the tough white boy from Texas who provides the muscle in short yardage and goal line situations. That is an important role but that is not who should be your leading runner.

For Amir Carlisle to only have 157 yards and no touchdowns and George Atkinson to only have 121 with just one touchdown. The fact that the other team is stacking the box only works to a point. Do teams not stack the box against Adrian Peterson? Didn't that happen to Barry Sanders his whole career? The point is that the good runners find a way to run any way. Some of that does fall on the offensive coordinator getting creative in the play calling, but at the end of the day the runners still need to produce.

Otherwise, they are putting way to much on Tommy Rees. The long ball is a low percentage play regardless of arm strength and speed of receivers.

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