Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rob Henry Is No Devin Gardner

Going into tonight's game against Purdue, I would be very disappointed if this game is not a blow out. Purdue has not looked good. They got blown out to Cincinnati and barely beat Indiana State an FCS team. Their quarterback Rob Henry only has 311 yards passing. Tommy Rees has more than that in both of his games. Henry has no touchdowns and two interceptions. He is averaging a low 5.3 yards per pass.

Notre Dame's defense took their lumps last week against Devin Gardner and Michigan. But I watched the replay several times on Big Ten Network. Each time I watch it, I think more and more that the defense was actually better than the numbers indicate. The pass rush was there most of the night, but Gardener was amazing with his escapibility. He was forced to scramble and make plays, but he did. Kevare Russell had a rough night covering Jeremy Gallon. But to be fair, you can only cover a guy for so long.

But it is clear that Rob Henry is not Gardner and the defense should eat him alive with the pass rush. With Kewan Short now in the NFL, there is no reason why the Irish offense shouldn't light up that scoreboard. This should not be close and with more tough games ahead, the Fighting Irish should settle for nothing less than making Purdue sorry they were ever born.

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