Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lou Holtz Said Notre Dame Should Join a Conference

One of my favorite segments on ESPN is the weekly Final Verdict between Notre Dame legend Lou Holtz and Notre Dame hater Mark May. It is very entertaining. This week Holtz shocked me when he made a surprising suggestion for Notre Dame. He was arguing the case that in this playoff, only conference champions should be included. His argument was that if you are one of the 4 best teams in the nation, you should be able to win your conference.

Rece Davis then asked the obvious question of what about Notre Dame? I expected Holtz to say something along the lines of Notre Dame having different requirements as they did in the BCS era. But instead he said that they need to do what the basketball team did and join a conference.

I was shocked to hear him say that. I expect that from those who don't really know what Notre Dame is all about, but not from him. Notre Dame has too much tradition in being an independent to join a conference.

I do agree with him for the most part that the playoff should be for conference champs. But how you address Notre Dame is you  tell them their schedule has to have 10 out of 12 games against Power 5 teams. If they go unbeaten they are in and if they win 11 they are eligible to be picked.

What do you think of Lou Holtz's point of view?


  1. lou is confronting reality.

    nd has to decide whether it is in or out as a major player in 21st century college football. currently, they are out, and everyone knows it except nd.