Thursday, October 23, 2014

Teams I Will Be Rooting For This Weekend On The Bye Week

With Notre Dame not playing this week, Irish fans all over the country wonder what games they will be watching. Although the Irish aren't playing, there are games that could impact their playoff chances. With two Mississippi schools and all the other one loss teams, seeing a few of them go down wouldn't break my heart. So here are some of the teams I will be rooting for this weekend.

This one will be tough to root for but we picked the wrong year to leave Sparty off the schedule. Both of us have a single loss and we need them to lose. So I hope Michigan can pull off a miraculous upset against their in state rival.

It would really help if another PAC 12 team can knock off Oregon. Go Cal.

Although the Irish will open their next two seasons against Texas, this weekend they can help Notre Dame by pulling off a great upset against Kansas State. So for one weekend, Hook 'em Horns.

Although a traditional basketball power, this year they have a really good football team. Are they good enough to knock off Mississippi State? It will help Notre Dame if they are.

I am feeling good about this one. LSU can knock off Mississippi and end their fairy tale.

Tennessee used to be a regular opponent for Notre Dame. This weekend they can help the Irish by knocking off Alabama. That one might be tough but the Tide might be on a real high after demolishing Texas A & M.

Lou Holtz's other team, South Carolina, can help Notre Dame by knocking off Auburn. This one can happen.

Our last bowl opponent Rutgers can help by taking out Nebraska.

Finally, another old Notre Dame rival, Penn State, can get back on track with an upset of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Those are just a few games that the Irish fans can watch with interest this weekend. I will sit back and watch them and then next week is Navy week.

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