Monday, October 20, 2014

My Open Message To Florida State and Their Fans

Congrats on the win Florida State. I believe that referees are there for a reason and part of their job is to call penalties. I also believe that if it is a penalty on the first play of the game, it is a penalty on the last play of the game. So I will not complain about the call. 

However, here is what I do have a problem with. Spare me the the crap about "we know how to win." Acknowledge that you were very fortunate to get the victory. Was it a penalty? Yes. Would Robinson have scored if not for the pick? Not sure, but probably. I remember two years ago when we were lucky to dodge a missed field goal in OT to escape Pittsburgh. We weren't arrogantly saying "we know how to win." We were feeling fortunate to still be unbeaten. That is how Seminole fans should be looking at this. 

Celebrate your win. Fine. 23 straight wins is a big deal. You are on pace to win a second straight National Title. But at the same time acknowledge that you are a bit lucky that your winning streak is still alive. Good luck the rest of the way. I hope you not only win the rest of your games, but I hope you blow everybody off the face of the earth. The reason is that I want a rematch in the playoffs. Nothing was settled in this one and deep down you guys know that.


  1. We were blessed!�� penalty & a pick was what won us the game at the end! I among many other FSU fans feel this way and aren't arrogant about it! It is all part of the game, and it was a damn good one! Both teams played great! EVERY FAN BASE has "those fans" I seen "those fans" on Saturday from BOTH FSU & ND. We cannot change them. However, you wrote a good non-rude message here, I appreciate that! A rematch , would be epic! Keep it classy & GO NOLES! ��

  2. The "pick" at the end is a non factor amd it wasnt even a pick dude is out of the back of the endzone when he caught it just pointing that out and ill stay bitter over this till we get that rematch on a neutral field...question how do u miss a player taking his helmet off right in front of you but could see through two fsu players to say theres opi?

  3. Like I said Noles girl, I am rooting for you the rest of the way. I want a rematch. I appreciate your comment. You guys have Louisville next, don't totally destroy them. Leave something for us. LOL!