Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Playoff Process Looks Like a Complete Farce

Notre Dame comes it at #10 in the first ever college football playoff poll. Now there are worse places to be ranked. The Irish are ahead of 7 teams who have just one loss as well. Among those teams are Georgia, Ohio State, Nebraska, and future opponent Arizona State.

But there are teams in front of Notre Dame who shouldn't be. #9 is Kansas State whose only loss was to Auburn. But the Tigers have a loss as well and the Irish have only lost to an undefeated team.

At #8 is Michigan State and this one just irritates me. Where do I start? How about with the fact that the Irish beat them last year with Tommy Rees at quarterback? What do you think would happen this year with Everett Golson? Seriously!

Notre Dame picked the wrong year to not play them considering they beat them the last three times. But looking at this year, Sparty is in a weak conference and had a weak non-conference schedule other than Oregon who blew them out 46-27. How is that a more quality loss than a last second controversial loss to the defending national champs? How is it a quality loss at all? It is a bad loss. Their best win was Nebraska which is hard to convince me that they are better than Stanford.

At #7 is TCU. Their toughest non-conference game was Minnesota who is not as good as Stanford. Their loss was to Baylor in which they gave up 61 points. That is not quality at all.

At #6 is Alabama and I won't complain about that or about Oregon at #5.

What I really don't like is the SEC bias. Mississippi State, Auburn, and Ole Miss would all be in in spite of the fact that Ole Miss just lost and hasn't played anybody outside the SEC of significance. Neither has Mississippi State for that matter. I don't have too much of an issue with Auburn being there.

It is still early on the process but I don't like the early returns on this new system. It looks to be not as good as the BCS. In closing, remember that humans are biased and computers are not.

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